Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank You!

The Haunted Barn was a fabulous success! Thanks to all of our volunteers for working together so well to create an awesomely scary experience. We are very proud to have such a professional, caring group of people contributing their time and energy...and their hearts and souls.
From the kitties, a sincere thank you to......

Alicea Kratkiewicz
Walt Wing
Cheryl Wade
Nelson Wade
Scott Lupinski
Dakota Lupinski
Wyatt Lupinski 
Faith Magley
Christopher Magley
Kamerin Horne
Kyle Horne
Brandi Potts
Kathy Shaulis
Tim McElhiney
Lisa McElhiney
Marisa McElhiney 
Marly Price
Nicholas Kolp
Michele Kolp
Audrey Garrison
Lilly Feuvrel
Kristin Rogers
Hunter Wyss
Misty Servia
Joaquin Servia
Patty Martin
Cheryl Hanbury
Alan Hanbury
Erick Kelton
Kathryn Kelton

I hope we didn't leave anyone out. If so, please let us know. We want to give credit to everyone who worked so tirelessly to make this year's event a success =)

 Check out our Facebook Page for even more photos.

Thanks to everyone who visited the Hanbury Haunted Barn and donated to help Gulf Shore Animal League save cats lives! Your support and appreciation is so important to us. Thanks for all your wonderful comments about this year's Barn. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year!!

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